The fog of war - the uncertainty in situational awareness by participants in military operations.  

The mission of this project activity is to map the location of the urchin barrens in Monterey and Carmel Bays.  The known locations of urchin barens is known generally and anecdotally but nobody maps a single species.  In order to determine and direct removal efforts the locations of urchin barrens need to be nailed down.

Volunteer divers and boaters (and divers that use boats) can use a simple app to report their observations of urchin barren conditions.  This urchin score will determine spacial and temporal variation in urchin dominant systems and inform future management actions.  The more coordinates and condition assessments that are entered the better defined the urchin barrens are shown on the map.  

There is no cost to become a member of this survey effort but you do need to register.  You don't necesarily even have to take a special trip to do this, just report what you saw on your dives.

To get started, join the G^2KR project at  CitSci.org.